VsCode & Vs 2017 Extensions

An ever changing list of Extensions I find useful for VsCode and Visual Studio 2017. This is for a variety of languages though mainly for work flow improvements and fixes.

Visual Studio Code

Preview - R Tools

New tools for using R with VSCode, pretty cool preview that replaces the old one.

Better Toml

Must have if writing anything in Toml, like the front matter in Hugo.


Basic formatting and highlighting of C/C++ files, makes quickly looking at source files much easier without having to open up a full IDE.


Same benefit as C/C++ and a must have for Debugger for Unity.

Debugger for Unity

Must have for Unity especially on Mac, if not using Visual Studio 2017. Allows debug sessions on supported platforms, with breakpoints.


Great for formatting highlighting and proofing Docker files.

Log Highlighter

Great for highlighting and formatting standard logs. Though doesn’t work well with Unity Logs.

Shaderlab VSCode

Recent discovery super helpful for when doing lots of shader edits, though paid one required for full benefit.

IntelliSense for CSS

Handy IntelliSense when modifying or editing css, however is ofc limited to standard css.


Minifies various files, removing white spaces etc. This is useful for gaining a few points on Google Page Speeds. Obviously for more robust systems you would want it built in to your deploy pipeline, but this is handy for testing changes locally and checking things don’t break.

Html Snippets

Handy little snippets of Html, not incredibly useful but was super handy when just starting Html stuff.


Handy tool when tracing through lots of unknown code, allows you to bookmark lines and jump between them. Can use "bookmarks.treeview.visible": true to enable a tree-view of all bookmarks in the workspace.

Code Spell Checker

Good for checking spelling errors in code, can handle camelCase etc. perfectly, have been finding it useful for also checking errors in markdown and comments.

Visual Studio 2017


Must have extension, feature rich and amazing!!

Format All Files

Great for reformatting all files after a change in formatting or to have the whole document be consistent. Use with caution as this can format all files it does have folder/view format to allow for more refined formatting.

Line Endings Unifier

Amazingly useful for fixing line ending problems, and ensuring specific line ending formats.

Xml Comments for C++

I personally prefer Xml style comments, this Extension adds the built in C# style Xml comments to C++ files, it can be fiddly at times due to some C++ formatting, but it works like a charm.

Productivity Power Tools

This contains a long list of tools however, I never really install the full package, instead opting to pick specific packages to install form the list. The main one I use is, Fix Mixed Tabs this is handing for Enforcing 4 spaces, or tabs. Of note: Ctrl + r,w will show the type of tabs/spaces being used.

Visual Studio Spell Checker

Still in testing at the moment, appears very similar to VS Codes: Code Spell Checker.

Unity Shader Support

Handy tool for adding Unity Shader Support, adds intellisense for Unity includes and functions.

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