Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

Realm-shattering real-time strategy.

A real-time strategy game from Frontier, set in the iconic Warhammer universe. Become a warlord and lead four unique factions to conquer the wild and savage Realm of Ghur in tense and tactical battles.

As a full programmer, I worked to help bring cross-platform multiplayer support to Cobra (Frontiers in-house engine). Focusing on the required platform agnostic systems to allow game side integration of required features for all supported platforms, in the easiest way possible.

We implemented several development features to allow easier iteration of multiplayer during the earlier phases of development, which greatly helped the game team.

I also worked on extending the Frontier Workshop integration to support cross-platform games. Liaising with our online services team to ensure we met the requirements, whilst ensuring not to impact our existing games.

Stewart L. McCready
Code Monkey

Game programmer and code monkey, living in Inverkeithing, Scotland.